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  Welcome to Parabola Studios.com!

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"A tantalizing new prospect will come your way"--unknown

  About Parabola Studios

Parabola Studios, LLC is a complete solution company. We provide cheap web hosting packages and reseller web hosting. We also provide web design, graphic design and programming. For more information on any of these services click on the links to the left.

  News: Outbound email limits

Outbound emails are now limited to 200 per day. This measure was put into place because some customers have been running insecure scripts allowing spammers to send massive amounts of email using our systems. This is bad for the Internet community as a whole, and this limit will allow us to catch problems quicker. If you have a legitimate need for more than 200 outbound emails per day, please contact support to have your limit raised.

30 Sep 2009

  News: Server Upgrades

During the weeks of August 2 - August 16, 2009, we will be relocating and consolidating servers. Users will experience a short downtime, expected to last no longer than 4 hours per account transfer. Most accounts will be moved during late hours of 10pm - 6am MST. We will also be migrating to a new Control Panel during this change. Your login information will remain the same. If you have any questions or would like to have your account transferred during a specific time, please call 888-776-7764.

03 Aug 2009

  News: News: in480.com Beta Signups

Our friends at In480 have nearly finished their new online speed-dating website called in480.com. They've been hard at work creating this revolutionary way to date online. The site is entirely free to use and we expect they will be launching it in April.

Why wait for a date?

Again, That's in480.com.

14 Mar 2007
Parabola Studios

  News: ProjectForge.Com

ProjectForge.com -- eContracting Solution

ProjectForge.com is an eContracting management solution that aims to reduce the stress of finding the right person for a project and more importantly getting it done. This will function essentially the same as other eContracting solution sites, however, we have one key difference...Communication. ProjectForge.com has an integrated project management system that will allow seamless and stress free development.

This is ProjectForge

10 Mar 2004

  News: TechPrep Showcase Sponsor

Parabola Studios, LLC. Is officially sponsoring a TechPrep Showcase project for SkillsUSA. The current project is The Brethren -- Guild Management System it can be found here: Brethren Guilds.

-- Parabola Studios

06 Dec 2003

  News: Parabola Studios Projects

Current Projects:

ParabolaStudios.com -- Main Site
MyPSH.Com -- Hosting Alias
Brethren Guild Management -- Guild Management System
Dark Magic 2 -- Online Multiplayer Card Game

05 Dec 2003