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Borderline Angelic is the stage name of musician Jordan Daniel (also of Jane Lane and Pareidolia). The name 'Borderline Angelic' was brought forward in 2002 as a way to produce music that couldn't fit into the style of his current group, Sudden Epidemic.

Wanting to focus more on the "bare bones" of his songwriting, Daniel wrote and produced two extrmely rough full-length albums (136, his debut, and Pray For Rain, his sophomore release). All acoustic guitar, bass, piano, and vocals were recorded track by track - many improvised - and performed solely by Daniel. Borderline Angelic recorded many other sessions in the years 2002-2004 that would eventually become the basis for the For The Folks Back Home EP and Memory: Alive & Rare (a collection of live recordings and demos).

After a three year hiatus, Borderline Angelic relocated to Oregon in 2008 and released a third studio album that was written and recorded within two weeks. The album was entitled From The Park To Your Apartment, and featured a style similar to the earlier basics of his first two records. The majority of the record is comprised of only acoustic guitar and vocals, the songs are mostly driven by the honest - and sometimes haunting - lyrics.

After the release of the third album, Jordan started shifting his interests in a new direction - the ambience of Brian Eno, the analogue noise of Merzbow, and the programming of groups such as Daft Punk. After experimenting for months with field recording, tape echo, and hotwiring an old Nintendo Entertainment System, Jordan released a 9-song epic (with no title, just the number '1') under the new moniker, Pareidolia.

Jordan put the Borderline Angelic project on hold temporarily in 2009 to pursue performance with Jane Lane, but announced that he would be releasing a fourth studio record in February 2010 entitled Chapters I-IX. The first single off the record, "Motion Like Dance", premiered on ReverbNation on February 21st, followed by the digital release of the full record on February 26th.

Currently, Jordan is playing shows to promote the release of Chapters I-IX, finishing another Pareidolia release entitled Canvas, and recording brand new versions of his first two albums in his self-built and operated home studio.

Since 2002, Jordan has performed and recorded with a numerous amount of musicians - including the coming and going of Ryan Steward (of Laconic), Jacob Deaven (of Trio? and Eris), Alex Marble (of Sudden Epidemic, The Omaha Boys, and Jane Lane), and Kyle Pilon (of Sudden Epidemic and Jane Lane). Currently, the 2010 incarnation of the band consists of himself (once again taking up most of the instrumentation and vocal duties) and semi-permanent member Elise Alde (on violin and vocals).

Borderline Angelic is currently distributed by Blue Shutters/Broken Windows Music, an independent label formed by Jordan in 2009.

From the Blue Shutters/Broken Windows artist site for Borderline Angelic:

"We are loved, hated, and easily manipulated by both. We make music, love music. We attempt jumping off bridges, jumping off inspiration. We are pop; we are emo; we are scene and everything else you label us as. We are sick of your attempts to find a word for what we are. We are unoriginal. We are every song you've ever heard, and every song you've never heard. We are hypocrites and proud of it. Category. Genre. Standard. Structure. Experimentation.

We are Jordan Daniel; Elise Alde. We play guitar; play violin; play peek-a-boo. Jordan owns a Fischer-Price grand piano. Elise can speak French. Jordan borrows vocal influence from Cat Stevens; Dave Matthews; that other guy in that other band that you heard on the radio last week. Elise borrows vocals from an angel on Tuesdays. We always (mostly) play shows on Tuesdays. We are currently spreading our wings away from our usual devices - we've been banging around on the drums, plunking away on the keyboard, and building shrines made of patch cables and vinyl sleeves in worship of the likes of Kraftwerk, Bowie, and Masayuki Uemura.

Borderline Angelic has released: '136', 'Pray For Rain', and 'From The Park To Your Apartment'. We are working; recording; dreading the cost of tape to produce a new story, 'Chapters I-IX'. We now belong to Blue Shutters/Broken Windows; they give us candy and tell us fake stories."